Friday, August 24, 2012

Run don't Walk into Fall!

  (H&M sweater / H&M leather shorts / Forever 21 lace crop top / Vince Camuto boots / H&M socks / Nastygal hat / Forever 21 necklace)

Part deux of fall looks is in full effect minus the top of course! but that's the beauty of the fall season; layering. You can take something as simple as a black lace crop top you wore during the summer season and throw on a large sweater over it and you're set to go! and yes, this is definitely possible all over the country where snow storms exist! As the saying goes, fashion is pain and sacrifices. Okay, it's something along those lines but you get what I'm saying. So let's run into fall ladies with sweaters, coats and layers galore!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All that Glitters IS Gold

                         (LF sweater / H&M leather shorts / Vince Camuto boots / H&M socks / Nastygal hat)

Sorry Mr. William Shakespeare but all that glitters is gold. And by all, I really mean this fabulous sweater. There is something about an over-sized off-the shoulder sweater that gets me every time. Clearly, my patience has run out and I am ready for fall to commence. Thus, I am wearing some of the anticipated trends of the upcoming season; leather, sequins, black and gold.... makes a winning combination, don't you think?!

Stay tuned for part deux where I'll be wearing these awesome leather shorts again (only $25 by the way) but with a different sweater. Just a friendly heads up, these leather shorts will be a staple in my wardrobe as I will be wearing them with anything and everything!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Romp-in the City

(Motel Rocks Romper via Nastygal / Forever 21 belt / Jeffrey Campbell Litas / Forever 21 knee-high socks / Vintage brooch and ring c/o Shale's Jewelry / Fossil watch / Forever 21 gold hinged bracelet)

How Cher Horowitz of me to be stomping around Beverly Hills in a short little romper and knee-high socks! In case you forgot who Cher H. is, she was that 90's fashion icon from my favorite movie, Clueless. She didn't care that people would gawk at her, in fact, she loved it! So opposite of who I am! Channeling her was the best thing I could've done for my self esteem. Trust me when I say that people were staring! Thank god my photographer (my sister) got a few good shots in cause she was even rattled.
The sun happened to be setting at the perfect moment for this shoot. I wanted to capture the beauty of Beverly Hills and the palm trees that make the city so chic. But you have to be dressed just right to be there and I knew that becoming Cher was the way to go. All in a days work of a fashion blogger.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Find me in Camo

                               (Nordstrom B.P hat / Brandy Melville tank / Zara pants / Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

Okay, let's cut to the chase; pants, shoes, tank, hat. My easiest outfit to date but still chic. I was actually all set to wear these pants with my Jeffrey Campbell Litas and a black cropped tank but a heat wave decided to hit L.A making anything you wear stick to your skin. So I opted for my loose Brandy Melville tank which worked in my favor because I had another excuse to wear these shoes again. Okay, I have to admit, I chose the shoes then the tank. I'm literally eating, breathing and living in them. Oh and hats, I'm living in hats.

I can't wait to take these Zara pants into the fall season. I foresee me living in them but with boots, sweaters and hats galore!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Nasty Day to Night

                            ( Look 1: Nasty Gal top / Mink Pink slasher shorts here / Jeffrey Campbell shoes )
           ( Look 2: Nasty Gal top / Forever 21 leather skirt here /  Nasty Gal hat here / Jeffrey Campbell Litas)

This top reminds me of my childhood as a little girl trying to draw leaves and flowers but never succeeding. Let's just say art is not a talent of mine. In fact, I still get told that my handwriting looks like a 5 year old. But hey! it's cool! who wants to be able to draw anyway?! Okay, I do! but this top will suffice for now and I'll live vicariously through it. I mean how amazing is this print and color?! I love that it can be worn day to night well, at least I think that it can. Quick, easy and simple; just my style! also, how fitting that the top is from my favorite retailer, Nasty Gal. Thanks guys for bringing me back to my little girl days!

By the way, this leather skirt was only $17! it's perfect for summer nights and a must in your wardrobe for fall. It's also available in Forever 21 stores!

Happy Monday!

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