Monday, September 3, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon

(Vintage top / Forever 21 shorts / H&M belt / Nastygal hat / H&M socks / Vince Camuto boots / J.crew bracelet / Fossil watch / Vintage Bally purse)

Some words of advice from a girl who has the worst luck when it comes to getting haircuts, or anything beauty related; if you find a great stylist, get down on your knees and thank god! I for one, will no longer throw a tantrum because I found a stylist who will not give me the infamous 1994, "Rachel" haircut aka Jennifer Aniston from the T.V show, Friends. Not only does he do my once in a blue moon trim perfectly, he has just introduced me to the celebrity crazed, color technique called, Balayage. Balayage is French for “to sweep” where the color is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foil, creating an easy sun-kissed effect. I'm hooked for life! Thank you Christopher Nicholson aka Christopher Styles for turning my luck around! Check him out here if you live in the LA area.

Does everyone notice the difference in my hair?! thoughts?

I also just want to take a moment to reach out to my readers old and new, on what I try to accomplish on my blog and why I blog to begin with. I am student and a typical everyday girl who is always on a budget. I know that the majority of girls are in the same situation as me and that is exactly why I started blogging. I want to inspire girls to be themselves and have fun with fashion! Meaning, you don't always have to splurge to look great! In every outfit post I do, I'm always wearing something I've owned for quite sometime mixed with a new piece that didn't cost me more than $40-$50. I hope this encourages other girls to try and get creative by reusing their own pieces. For instance, this vintage top cost me $1 and the shorts were $20. The hat, belt and shoes have been in my closet for over a year and all were under $100. And, the vintage Bally? my mom's from the 70's. The positive feedback and lovely comments I've received thus far has been a reward in itself so, thank you!
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