Friday, November 2, 2012

That's One Bright Light

                                                                                  (Nasty Gal top here / Forever 21 maxi / Nasty Gal hat)

This was an impromptu night photo session because I took a long nap and woke up as the sun was setting. I didn't want to waste the outfit and it's been awhile since my last night shoot. So I thought, why not?! It also fit the mood considering it was the night before Halloween and the ambiance of the locale was a bit spooky. Cobwebs, weird lighting and some strange folks. In fact, it was so eery that undercover cops pulled up and asked who we were. Apparently, Motels are known for some sketchy behavior. Hmm...really?! Of course they are. I guess we should've thought of that prior! However, I think the cops thought I was kinda cool when I told them I was a fashion blogger. Clearly they are right and for that, I think they are pretty cool too.

It's officially November and exactly a week till my birthday!

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