Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Road Trip / Music Festival Fashion with Wet Seal

Photography by Elizabeth Keene

So excited to share my collaboration with Wet Seal! This is one of three looks that is road trip/ music festival inspired. Coachella is right around the corner and usually around this time, what to wear to Coachella is on every girls mind. I usually go with the trends; kimonos, crop tops, hats and cool shades but I make sure it's comfortable enough to withstand the heat and crowds of people. This photo shoot was also a fun little get away up in Palos Verdes that actually made me feel like I was already there. Exactly one more month and I can't wait! Stay tuned for looks two and three!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Such a cute festival outfit love! In love with your shade and kimono <3 Congrats on your collab with wet seal! Also, I used to live in Torrance, miss going to Palos Verdes!




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