Monday, April 7, 2014


(Maxi skirt c/o Standards and Practices / Zara leather crop top / Nasty Gal hat / Ermanno JustFab heels) 
 Photography by Crystal Kong 

It's been quite sometime but I'm finally taking it back to my maxi lover days from when I first starting blogging. Not only was it my go-to look, a maxi-lover was my sub-titled header on the top of this very page. 

I'm in an extremely reflective mood since my blog two year anniversary is coming up next month. I've come to realize after a lesson or two or three, that you really have to love it and expect absolutely nothing in return. You're in it because inspiring people brings you joy! Otherwise, what's the point? Why do it? Most importantly, I've learned that no one will help you along this journey but you!

As for style, it's constantly evolving. As a fashion blogger, this is quite apparent. New trends form, your taste changes from inspiration gathered all over the web and the thought of staying stagnant is scary. I think this definitely happened to me along my road to blogger discovery. Keeping up to date, creating new and innovative content on a weekly basis is a struggle. That's why once in awhile, it's nice to reflect on the past. I think that was the case with this look. Perhaps it's just the little L.A girl in me that loves the pretty, bohemian style best. Or perhaps, I lost myself and I'm finally finding my way back.

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  1. nice look, amazing skirt!
    new look on my blog!

  2. Great look and post! And everything you wrote is so very true!!!

  3. I love that skirt! You look great!
    -Alex of

  4. Love this post so much! And love love love you. Maxi loving twins

    Emily Jenny

    Stiletto Beats

  5. That skirt is gorgeous! Love this look!

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