Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OOTD: Shades of Blue

Photography by Natalee Shale

This was a last minute shoot I put together after work as the sun was setting. Always a perfect backdrop! The trees, my blue top and purse were different shades of blue that helped tie everything together. It makes me one happy blogger when last minute ideas fall into place. How often does that happen?!

I want to share a new women's clothing label with you that is the next generation in women's fashion coats! Based out of Vancouver, Mia Melon produce fashionable weatherproof coats that are water and wind proof. Check out their Kickstarter campaign HERE for more information and to help them raise money to start a new collection and more!

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  1. Your cropped blouse is really beautiful! Love that baby blue color :)
    xo Lyn

  2. wow what an amazing outfit! I literally love everything about it :))


  3. The blue looks amazing on you!
    -Alex of http://snippetswithalex.com

  4. So lovely!! Just found your blog and love it so much :) New follower!



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