Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sexy Hair’s Smooth Sexy Hair

I'm currently loving Sexy Hair’s new Smooth Sexy Hair! After just one use, it turned my freezy hair, smooth, sleek, polished and frizz-free. 

Each product helps to smooth down the cuticle of the hair for optimal shine and radiance, while eliminating humidity and friction. Immediate results showed my hair was more glossy, nourished and smooth. 

My favorite two products of the whole collection are the Coconut Oil Masque and the Frizz Smooth and Seal Spray. The masque repaired my dull, frizzed out strands and the spray smoothed away frizz after I blow dried my hair, creating a luxurious shine. My hair never looked so pretty! Both products are affordable, under $20 and can be purchased at

The line is recommended for all hair types, is also salt-free and safe to use on chemically straightened hair and extensions. If you're in the market for new hair care, especially if you frizz out of control like I do, definitely check out Smooth Sexy Hair!

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