Sunday, April 26, 2015

OOTD: Japan Adventures Part Three

Photography by Gabriel Troullier

This was my final day in Japan, and the last day I could feel my feet! Sightseeing in Japan is just as exhausting as in New York. You walk and take the train everywhere! This shoot was in Zama, about an hour outside of Tokyo. Gabe and I found the streets to be extremely appealing to the eye, small but quaint, with narrow roads and lots of personality. We had a birds eye view of the city ahead and decided to stop and shoot. The whole time I was thinking how sad I was to leave such an awesome country and Gabe. We took pictures quickly then went off to sight-see more with two final stops; at another arcade (our fifth at this point) and ramen again for lunch. The trip definitely ended on a great but sad note.

Stay tuned for my last Japan installment, a photo diary of different places I visited that you should too.

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  2. Zama is such a beautiful place.. and so you are..
    I live in Shizuoka Japan.
    There si many beauty spots here too..
    Visit here someday...
    Stay beautiful..


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