Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I left my Heart in Hawaii

Earlier this month, I spent an amazing week in Kona, Hawaii for Crystal's birthday. The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii was gracious enough to let us stay at their beautiful property and it was nothing short of magical. We spent our days on their private beach, snorkeling with giant seas turtles, paddle boarding and drinking pina coladas.  The hotel itself had a seaside charm with modern rooms, a pool, three restaurants, a gym and a golf course. My favorite part by far was the complimentary breakfast buffet they had every morning and watching a spectacular sunset every night from the beach.

Our itinerary not only consisted of lots of r&r, but many physical activities were planned from hiking, to off-roading, to spelunking. We saw some of the most amazing sights which I captured on my Instagram. I've recapped them all for you below.

Spelunking in Hilo 
Active lava on our Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tour
Akaka Falls State Park
Floating at the Kapoho Tide Pools in Khongboon swimwear
Jumping for joy at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Conquered my fear of heights zip-lining at the Umauma Experience
My favorite place we visited-The Kapoho Tide Pools

An incredible moment at the Natural lava Swimming Pool
We called them our baby coconuts because they're huge! Located in Pahoa, Hawaii
Chillin at the Fairmont Orchid Hawaii in my SO NOIRE bikini
Panalu"u Beach- Black Sand Beach
Hiked and off-roaded to get to this green sand beach. One of four in the world. 
Breakfast at the Fairmont Orchid Hawaii
Beautiful sunset from our first night
Hope this post inspires you to check out the Big Island of Hawaii. Thank you to the Fairmont Orchid Hawaii for an incredible stay. Aloha!

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  1. I love Hawaii. It's absolutely beautiful!


  2. You look so cute in that romper! Bizim Mekan The outfit really gives it a refresh and classy look in the middle of those lights. Sohbetci Love it!

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