Monday, February 8, 2016

Smooth and Shiny Hair with Texture Tame plus Giveaway!

You all have heard my hair complaints time and time before. If you can't recall from previous past posts, here's a quick refresher; I hate my hair! Okay, hate is a strong word, perhaps difficult and hard to manage better describes it. Basically, my hair is thin, frizzy and wavy. The three worst hair types rolled onto one head and that's why you often find me hiding in a hat. When I was a young girl, I would dream of thick, shiny, straight hair where washing and going was the dream scenario. Alas, years later, I've learned to accept what god gave me and rely on good hair products to do it's job. 

Today, I've collaborated with Dermstore and their at-home frizz eliminating system called Texture Tame. After just a few short weeks of using the 3-step at home treatment, I've already noticed a difference. My hair has less frizz and is smoother and shinier. Here are a few before and after pictures where I've noticed a difference:
Picture taken 3 months ago prior to using Texture Tame. My hair is frizzy and dull.

Picture taken three weeks ago when I just started Texture Tame. I had just gotten my color re-done plus a conditioning treatment so the frizz is a bit tame here. 

Picture taken yesterday after using Texture Tame for 3 weeks. My hair is noticeably smoother, shinier and frizz free.

Here is Texture Tame's 3 step at-home process to permanently eliminate frizz and dullness: 

Step 1: Eliminate Treatment. This step takes 30 minutes and only needs to be applied every 3 months. Locks in shine and smoothness.
Step 2: Moisture Lock Treatment.  This step takes 15 minutes and can be used once a week to keep hair looking shiny and soft.
Step 3: Finish Treatment.  This step can be applied as often as needed to dry or damp hair. It helps enhance shine and protect hair from any additional damage. 
I want to give you the opportunity to try out Texture Tame and change your hair forever! Enter the giveaway below and become hooked on shiny, smooth hair!
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In partnership with Dermstore however, all opinions are my own.
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