Monday, July 18, 2016

On the Hunt

 (Top, Denim, Coat & Bag all from Zara)

Photography by Vincent Elejorde

On the hunt for...I'll be quite honest, for the rarest, coolest, Pokemon! I'm completely obsessed with the game and if you notice, so is everyone else. Vincent and I were literally searching before, during and after this shoot. Call us crazy, but it's true! Okay, okay, I wasn't just on the hunt for Pokemon. I also hunted down these Zara items and created this look for under $110. I paired the coat, top and bag with my favorite denim and heels. How's that for great finds? I may have one that game but Vincent definitely won the latter.

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lady in Red

Photography by Vincent Elejorde

Off the shoulder tops are definitely having a moment and I'm completely guilty of being immersed in this trend. There's a certain je ne sais quoi about it and I can only explain it best as major sex appeal. This particular top I'm wearing was a score for $25 at the Zara sale that I'm sure you know is happening right now. I've linked it above so if you're looking for something sexy in a fiery red color to stand out amongst the crowd, look no further. 

I started shooting with my good friend Vincent who I have to thank for inspiring me and bringing my outfits and photos to life. Let's just say he brought out "the feels" in me during this shoot in downtown Los Angeles. It's finally a step up from what I've been doing these past few years and I'm so excited to share this extra step I'm finally taking with my blog with you all. Stay tuned for many more awesome looks to come.

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