Thursday, October 6, 2016

Marina Del Rey Hotel

 I had the pleasure of staying at The Marina Del Rey Hotel a few weeks back with my friend/photographer, Vincent aka @photobyvincent on Instagram! Upon arrival, we felt as if we walked into a tropical paradise. I was extremely pleased with our third floor accommodations with chic. modern decor and a balcony overlooking palm trees and the pool. We instantly took advantage and began taking photos to capture our weekend in the most glamorous way possible. 

We also took full advantage of their dining outlets, enjoying a delicious breakfast via room service, lunch poolside while attending the Sunday pool party and dinner at Salt Restaurant with a beautiful view of the marina.  

Thank you to Marina Del Rey Hotel for the fantastic mini staycation and thank you to the front desk and pool team for your kind hospitality! 

Here's a photo recap of my outfits captured by Vincent! With the hotel's picturesque backdrops and his creative vision, these pictures were nothing short of amazing:

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  2. Omg this dress is AMAZING! And it looks great on you (referring to the red one) :)

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  3. Oh my god you look so adorable, the view suits so great on you, keep the great work up - Boardroom

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  6. This looks like an amazing get-away! Your style picks were gorgeous as well!

    xo, Heather


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