Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Clean Program

Today I'm sharing my experience with the Clean Program. The Clean Program is a 21 day cleanse off dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, red meat, gluten and processed foods. I actually did the cleanse last July and wanted to do it again because I was feeling extremely sluggish with constant stomach pains from all the holiday eating I did. I also gained back the weight I lost and needed some motivation to get started on eating healthy again. 

The Clean Program believes that the 21 day cleanse is an experience, not just a product or program. if you're not feeling good, their mission is to make you feel better by upgrading your health with what you're consuming daily. In just 21 days you see real transformation and set healthy eating habits for life. Keep reading as I share the process, my experience and results.

The Process:

The main step is to eliminate certain foods that cause inflammation such as dairy and sugar. Instead, focus on clean eating with fruits, vegetables, natural proteins and healthy grains. By doing so, you allow your body to heal itself. The process is quite simple with two shakes a day, morning and night and one clean meal for lunch. The program comes with shake packets in chocolate and/or vanilla flavors, plus supplement packets to take three times a day and probiotics to take once a day. Your day basically looks like this:

Breakfast: Shake + Supplements + Probiotic
Lunch: Clean Meal + Supplements
Dinner: Shake + Supplements

One of the best parts of the program are their delicious smoothie and food recipes. My favorite smoothie to make consisted of almond milk, raspberries, blueberries, spinach, kale, flaxseeds and almond butter. For meals, I'd make homemade guacamole and cauliflower mashed potatoes with almond milk. 

How to prepare for the cleanse: Start eating clean a few days prior to starting, create a shopping list of all the necessary ingredients and read up on what to expect as everyone reacts differently to the program. 

My Experience:

The first week was rough the first time I did the cleanse but even harder the second time around. I suffered from headaches and migraines which I thought was sugar cravings but I realized it was the probiotics helping my body get rid of waste. After a week, the head pains went away and the cleanse became much easier! The question I got from a lot of friends was what if you have dinner plans, what do you do? Honestly, I had to postpone till I was done but if I couldn't because of a huge event, I would replace lunch with a smoothie and eat a clean dinner. 

The Results:

By the second week into the program, my energy levels went up, my digestion improved, and my skin was glowing. After 21 days, I lost a total of 6 lbs which was less than the first time I did the cleanse but I was happy. It truly helped my get on the right track to clean eating habits. It's been a month since I finished, I'm still eating well and have kicked sugar altogether. 

I encourage you all to give this program a try if you need motivation to change bad eating habits. It is truly one of the best tools to help you improve your health! To help you get started, we're offering you all $60 off your first box! Use code: Melanee21 at until April 5th. Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below!

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