Thursday, August 22, 2019

SkinCeuticals Luncheon and Custom D.O.S.E at Cassileth Plastic Surgery

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SkinCeuticals. The opinions and text are all mine.

I recently attended an informative luncheon at Crustacean Beverly Hills with one of my favorite skincare brands, SkinCeuticals. Over a delicious 3-course lunch, we had the opportunity to learn more about SkinCeuticals miracle product, the Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight from Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at Cassileth Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kelly Killeen. We also learned about SkinCeuticals newest Custom D.O.S.E serum that Dr. Killeen called, “The product of the future.” The serum is a personalized correction designed to target all your skin concerns into one bottle to eliminate having to use 20 products a day. This was exciting news to me to say the least!

 Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight

I’m actually no stranger to this product as I was introduced to it a few months back and it’s been a staple in my skincare routine ever since. I started using it to help brighten my skin and achieve a perfect glow for my wedding in April, 2020. I wanted to get an early start prepping my skin for the big day because it will be here before I know it.

The Product:

According to Dr. Killeen, glowing skin is in! The Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight by SkinCeuticals is the product to use if you’re looking to improve the appearance of skin texture to promote a bright complexion and glowing skin. This product is perfect for those who want peel benefits but don’t want to invest in professional treatments. However, it can also be used as an integrated skincare to condition skin before a peel or at-home in between peels and can also complement results before and after microdermabrasion. 

Along with glowing skin, the key benefits include no down-time and addresses early signs of aging. The product works well for individuals like myself who are looking to improve their skin for certain life events such as weddings, red carpet events and vacations. Dr. Killeen also recommended this product for those with acne concerns which is something I suffer from as well. 

 Custom D.O.S.E Serum

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Killeen called this the product of the future. The Custom D.O.S.E serum is a personalized, professional service and product based entirely on the patient and his/her skincare needs. The 24 individual ingredients can be formulated at different percentages to ensure that each D.O.S.E product fits the patient’s specific skin type. 

How it works:

The service starts with a physician consultation and is guided by the SkinCeuticals patented diagnostic tool. After the physician reviews the diagnostic tool’s recommendation, the machine measures and combines the ingredients to ensure optimal formula concentrations. The production- quality compounder ensures ingredients are thoroughly blended for maximum efficacy. After the machine combines the ingredients and the serum is ready to go, the physician will print a label with the patient’s information and formula I.D onto the bottle for future replenishment. 

After the luncheon, I headed down the street to Cassileth Plastic Surgery to receive my 15-minute consultation for my own Custom D.O.S.E with plastic surgeon, Dr. Cat Chang. I explained my skin concerns to her which are dry, dull skin, acne breakouts and dark scar spots. She explained in detail which ingredients in the serum would work for each of my specific concerns and then placed the bottle into the SkinCeuticals machine. It was very exciting to watch each of the ingredients drop into the bottle and spin thoroughly to blend. Dr. Chang let me touch a few buttons to help with the process and it was a fun interactive experience. After she placed the label on and handed it to me, I called it my own magic in a bottle! 

I’m super excited to add the Custom D.O.S.E to my skincare routine. I know if I consistently use it for the next year, my skin will be radiant, clear and glowing for my wedding day. If you're looking to improve your skin like me then I definitely recommend both the Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight and the Custom D.O.S.E from SkinCeuticals. 

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